A Simple Comparison between Private Jet Charters and Commercial Airlines

Even if you choose a first-class carrier of a commercial flight, the travel experience between private jet charter and flying commercially is just like the difference between day and night. In business, time equals to money and when you add up all those lost hours on commercial flights, it will make the cost of flying on a private jet charter financially friendly.

Business Jet Charters

On the other hand, there are thousands of airports around the world where smaller aircrafts can fly into, but large commercial aircrafts can’t due to shortage of space or they are simply just too small to accommodate large commercial flights. While cost is the one and only advantage of flying in commercial flights, there is a long list of disadvantages we are describing below, which will outweigh the expense.

  • The loss of time is the prime issue regarding to commercial flights. From the long lines in the ticket counters to, potential layovers and check in early, this can easily add several extra hours to your total journey time that you could have been spent for more In addition to this, security delays also can cost more time during commercial flights.
  • Passengers will have to find a flight that fits in with their schedule or they will be forced to alter their schedule to fit in with the commercial airline’s schedule.
  • With a crowded seating, there will be very less space and privacy to conduct business works such as business meetings or negotiation of deals.
  • Commercial flights offer very little in the way of amenities. They will offer you a drink and bag of chips or pretzels as the name of food and beverages. First class is better, but still can’t be better than private jet charters.
  • The risk of luggage lost is great in commercial flights.

There are the only few of disadvantages of commercial flights, while private jet charters are far away from these disadvantages. You can check the benefits of hiring a private jet charters at here.

benefits of hiring a private jet charters at here

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